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Why the Pound was whooped today

We lost the war with TS for these basic reasons

Fighter CAP could not hold back enemy

Bombers could not reach target.

The fighters we giving up too much room to the incoming bombers, who were good flyers. The first war was the longest because we went out and met them away from our base. Allowing an incoming fighter to reach close proximity to our base just does not make sense. As the game went on, we started giving up more and more room to them. Our bombers we re never allowed to get anywhere near their bases.

Our fighters also apparently ran out of missiles and tried unsuccessfully to shoot down bombers with guns. This is a very low percentage kill in a War game. Guns are for DM. If you are the only one left an d there is no hope of any fighters helping out, I can understand you hanging in there with guns. However if you had taken on your opponent at a distance and then handed off the Cap to another fighter you might have been able to ditch and get back up to ta ke over before that fighter ran out as well. 3 fighters after one guy with no missiles on any of the fighters is a doomed situation. TS did a good job of maintaining a defense wave in front of their base and getting back on the runway (ditching) to keep th e wave alive. I know every bomber had an attack by 3 CAP aircraft on them but only once did I have one on me with guns only and he was the last one around until they ditched and got back up. By staying alive as long as I did it allowed one of our bombers to sneak through.

WAR is a team effort and is going to be won by the squad that accomplishes these things best. We have good talent but lack the understanding of how we interact with one another. Just watching the map and watching our fighters flying away from incoming bogies giving up precious ground was real tough to look at. Watching 3 fighters chase one bogey to no avail was also tough. If one guy has three on him and is succeeding, they can afford two more on our most dangerous bomber and still be on equal footing. A missile will turn a bogey every time from behind. If I don\rquote t get the kill but keep him turning, I am buying time. \par \par The key is keeping people away from the store. Once they are in the front door, the fight is half over. Like a football game, when you can\rquote t hit the quick strikes, the battle of field position is the best gameplan. We lost the battle of field position today.

Thanks for the effort.


Sunday, December 06, 1998

I had an Idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Since we need to practice maybe we can set up a time that stays the same. Example Sunday night at 9 PM every week!

I gess I just volunteered to be the secretary.    Take this for want it is worth. It's your call  Waiting for you lead.

Snake sinning off for now.  

Sunday, December 06, 1998

Snake:   I love the effort and ideas.   Take it to the next level (Mr. Secretary)   Get with Slider to set up the server for those practice times, and I would use a password that can be issued weekly to keep folks out of the server otherwise...   I also like the idea of you creating additional pages. I can maintain the home page of which you can feel free to redesign as well and ship to me for placement on my site. Then all of the links will be integrated and under your control. You might have more time to do a better job!!!   I cannot be there on Sundays due to my work schedule... However I think I can fit right in - I would love for the squad to continue to improve and understand the issues at hand... Make sure there are some words of leadership coming from someone in the action...   As for the policies, I appreciate them and if this were a more active squad I think we could be this hardlined about them. The fact is we have a lot of working stiffs in this bunch and it still is about having fun coming together. I don't want it to become too restrictive and make some feel like they no longer fit the original model... To date we have not had a real problem getting all members involved since we all seem to have different availability issues and it has been working out. I just want to see skills improve amonst the team. Cobra and ThatMutha just missed today, as well as x-pac. The only ones not online right now are Ice and Killa K, Small's sister...   The web page was updated just today, dropping Lonewolf and adding Toast's icq number...   Hope this catches you up.  Good luck!  


Monday, December 07, 1998

Thanks       I do agree that this should be fun And I don't want to exclude anyone from flying. I didn't know how you felt about it or how we could get the members to attend practice.   Let me know when a good time to practice would be for you. It would be best if you were there.   I will get with slider and set things up.  


Monday, December 07, 1998

Hey Chuck:   For me the Sundays work best, or Friday nights after 8pm. Now that football is in the final week, I'll be free starting next week on a more frequent basis. Even Saturday mornings sound good, although I think most of us will wind up doing something and may not be able to attend...   A lot of us fly together at night, so a late night session even on a daily basis could be ok. It could become like the corner bar where we go to congregate and get some practice in rather than spending hours in raw...   I agree whole heartedly that no on enjoys butt whoopings.   It was funny to hear my 12 year old son asking me who we flew against and being asked if a couple of guys were in it, (grunt and his tagteam partner), and hearing him tell me that we were in trouble from the getgo. His comment was that if there was 3 or more SR's in there we were at a disadvantage.   Sounds like a broken record...   We do need the practice and we need to concentrate on the goal and get serious for those minutes to get better. There has to be a method to the madness. Heck, you know how the military does it. There are set routines for a reason. Set moves. End result - victory. Keep me posted.  



i'll have the server rdy when ever we need it. b52 needs to get in on this with us. so we can form a wing, and then get some flight patterns down. and then we do kick ass undetected stikes


I set up a email account at hot mail email addess is pound squad@hotmail.com please foreward war requests and squad issues to this email address