Map and lay out

    Contact Point for fighters is aprox  20 miles out from home base    

Base cap fighters point aprox 5 miles out from home base


Base cap fighters point aprox 5 miles out from home base

Home runway

      Home runway


The best cap can be provided when 3 or 4 fighters work in a team effort. This is accomplished In the following manor.

You only need to know what you will be doing when you at a given location. 1 fighter from each runway will start out as a contact point fighter and 1 as a Base cap fighter

( see map at top of page for locations of points )

Fighter mission


  1.   At the go instruction  2 Fighters will fly with the bombers as escorts. But only to the contact point. At which time they are going to fire their AIM 120 missiles at only the targets that remain as cap for the other side. 1 missile per target. [ this will keep the opponent's cap busy  while the bombers continue ] 
  2. Base cap fighters;  The 2 remaining fighters are to proceed to aprox 5 miles in front of the runway, and hold position there.
  3. Contact point fighters;  After firing  their AIM 120's  will turn to engage the in coming bombers from behind. This is where the team work comes in. A target will be called by the fighters at the contact point [by name or by tally group for the whole group] . The target called by the Contact point fighters for will be fired at by the Base cap fighters with 1 AIM 120 per incoming bomber [saving there aim 9's for use when they assume the contact point fighter role], Base Cap Fighters will reply with RGR, letting the fighters at the contact point  know they are free to engage [ This will pin the incoming bombers into a predetermined course]
  4. When the fighters at the Contact point fighters are out of  missiles they will call out reloading or ditching to allow the Base capfighters just in front of the runways to move out and assume the Contact point fighter role and fire any remaining aim 120's at the other sides capping fighters. Then engage any incoming bombers using  the methods in step 3


This is the basic plan and can be modified by the battle field commander to allow all players to assume a role or to provide more capping fighters or more bombers as needed

This plan requires 3  fighters and can be used with as many as 6 if needed.

Bomber mission


1    Bombers will fly with escorts to the contact point.

2    While in flight you will determine targets [ call out the right side, left side or center ] to try and eliminate using more than 1 bomb per target. 

As much as possible try to fly in pairs. Or group up and fly as a group if  needed to reach the target. [since it is almost impossible to stop a wave of  3 or more bombers as we have all seen]


    For long flights it is faster to fly at 60,000 ft but you will have to start to dive at the first sound of an incoming missiles or you will be killed .

    The most effective dive angles that I have found for bombing are

          At 60 k start to dive at aprox  40 degs down angle 15 miles out from the target

          At 30k start to dive at aprox 30 degs down angle 10 miles out from the target

When you are in a dive at the above angles the odds are in your favor for avoiding missiles.

Sam's site can be avoided by flying above 25k with the radar off and 45k with the radar on. When a Sam site fires at you the most effective method I have found is to dive at a 60 deg down angle and try to keep the incoming missile at a 30 deg right or left angle to you.

      Remember that  the f-22 performs best at a speed of 400 knots. This will allow for the best handling and keep you alive longer never never never fly at speeds slower than 400 knots if at all possible.

    Also this is a game of angles and 30 deg is also the magic number for avoiding missiles. This means that you need to position yourself at a  30 deg angle to the incoming missile and be at a speed of 400+ knots and you will not be hit by the missiles.