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Practice is on Sundays at 10:30

AM Pacific Standard Time Please try to attend Slider will serve at his IP address

Anyone wanting to set up a Raptor Air War can send a E-mail to

All requests will be forewarded to LDog.


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Welcome to the homepage of the "Dog Pound".

Bow wow wow! Yippee yo, Yippee ya, Baby!!!!!!!!

Where our bite is as vicious as our flying. For the Dog that chases his tail will be Dizzy! 

The Pound Squad is a unique collection of rogue dawgs from all around the world. It's not where we come from that makes the Pound the place to be. It's how we do it when we are together. From the outback of Austrailia to Los Angeles, on up to Fairbanks, on over to Chicago. The Pound is somewhere around. We mostly run in our pack late at nite. And when we run in numbers, we tend to have things our way. Don't be mad because you came across the dawgs of the Pound. Respect us and we will respect you too. Get mean and nasty, and take what you have coming. When you run through the Pound, be prepared to get down.


Many ask us how can they try out for the Pound? Plain and simple, you can't. You have to fall into the Pound. If you run with a rough dawg, you're bound to get fleas. The Pound is not for everybody. If it is for you, you'll know once you are taken in. We do take strays. We don't take wimpy mutts. You gots to have bite. If the running becomes too much, then move on because you just fooled yourself into thinking you were something you weren't. Tough Dawgs don't Wimper.

LET IT BE KNOWN THAT ANY THAT DO NOT LIVE BY THIS CODE SHALL BE REMOVED BY THIS CODE. RIP Pitbull. Tried to bark but just meowed. You have been put out of your misery though. Put to Sleep. Forgot to mention - neutered dawgs can't run with the pack. Don't know what to do! For your edification I offer from the Book of Ice Cube (Death Certificate) portions of cut 16 most appropriately titled "Be True to the Game".


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J Utah is looking to set up a war with the squad Date and time to come

Please drop a line if you want to join in

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f22 raptor flying throung sun lightf22 raptor look from the bottom in the airf22 raptor side view with landing outf22 raptor in flight top viewf22 raptor landing front view

F22-Raptors of Novaworld 

dog with globe in mouth

Novaworld's sky's belong to us!


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