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Web Changes


After a busy 1st quarter 2004, the website is finally getting a little attention. In the coming weeks, the site will be hopefully improved.

My involvement in youth activities has become less and less in the past 4 years largely due to the lack of time available to spend with kids, and the growing up of the last group I worked with.

I miss all of the coaching time I have been fortunate to experience over the years, however today's economic climate prevents me from continuing to give to the youth at this point in time.

More later!


Youth Football Fans: 

 Click Here to Visit the Ram Pride Web Page for 1999

Football is the game, and Orange County Jr. All American Football is the conference the best youth football in Southern California is played in! The Jacksons can be found on any Saturday this season taking our Mighty South Gate Rams around the Southland wreaking havoc on the Jr. Midget Division. Come out and see us play! Visit http://www.jbtoolinc.com/ocjaaf.htm for more information on game times, results, and locations!

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