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Page Update 1/15/2000

Welcome to the New Millenium...

Our contract at KMEX is due to terminate at the end of March, and the process of negotiating the first Collective Bargaining Agreement of the 21st Century is underway. I am proud to join once again our Negotiating Committee comprised of John Soltero, Michael Pearman, Andres Leal, and Miguel Gutierrez. The team is led by Ms. Paula Olson, on loan from CWA. I would also like to Thank Joe Champa for his support on this endeavor, as well as the entire Local 53 E-Board, whom has consistantly given us unanimous support when voting in required items for KMEX needs. I do read the minutes, and appreciate the support.

All official postings on the progress of the negotiations will be posted on the Local 53 website. A link is provided at the bottom of this page.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this page that is dedicated to you - the members. Please consider printing out these pages and posting them at your workplace for your fellow unit members to read that are not online. There are many of our union brothers out there that do not have the means to acquire the latest information on the Local. Your assistance will help increase their knowledge of the events in the Local.

Show interest in your negotiations! It makes all the difference! Support your negotiations team!

Visit the Nabet website for the latest Local 53 News!

leroyjac@ix.netcom.com (Click the link for E-mail)

You may also reach me at KMEX in the afternoons at (310) 348-3553, 4 to 6pm or 8 to 10pm are the best times. Tuesday through Thursday.

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