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Tylyn #7              

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Tylyn finishes 7th Overall in the 2003 Amatuer THQ World Supercross

Tylyn competed in the Amateur THQ Supercross event this past weekend at Edison Field in Anaheim, advancing through the competition to the Main Event, where he finished a strong 7th place. This was the same course that James "Bubba" Stewart #259 smoked the competition on in Saturday's 125cc Western Regional AMA Supercross Series race. Considering this was Tylyn's first race on a Supercross track, we're proud of his success in reaching the main event his first time out. Way to go Tylyn!

2003 AMA THQ World Supercross GP Series, Edison Field - 7th Place Overall


Tylyn the Flying Saucer is a up and coming youth racer on the Motocross circuit. Known for being one of the fastest riders on the track, Tylyn is still learning the sport. He's only been riding about a year, and regularly faces riders that have been on motorcyles since they learned to walk. His numerous finishes on the Podium suggest that once he gains time on the track, Tylyn will be a formidible rider. Please be sure to check out his resume. Sponsors are wanted, and if you are interested, please call Tyrone Saucer (323 778-2180), or e-mail the webmaster below.

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