Vote for Leroy Jackson

Nabet-CWA Local 53 Secretary

Name: Leroy G. Jackson Jr.

Age: 39

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Employer: KMEX TV 34, Univision Television Group, Inc.

Union Activities: Steward, Member of 1996 Negotiating Committee

Interests: Youth Football, Buggies and Bikes, Computers

Thank you for visiting this web page. My intent is to give you more insight into who I am, and why I would consider taking on the task of holding office in this union local.

Before you read on, you should Click Here for the latest info on the Elections. Some of you were steered to this page in an attempt to circumvent the whole story. The best tactic the opposition knows is to keep pulling the wool over your eyes. Ask your President why you are being guided like sheep through the rough areas? I truly hope that any of you that take the time to research the Lies being distributed about me realize that you are being manipulated right down to the last vote. I did not enter this election to engage in personal attacks against anyone. The opinions and viewpoints I have expressed about the ROOT problem in Local 53 were the only issues I had. Now the folks with the most to lose are going all out to keep you from kicking them out of office. In the process they are making mistakes along the way that will hopefully awaken the masses to the way they have been robbed in broad daylight of more money, jurisdiction, and other unknown damage. Diverting you to this page in an attempt to avoid telling you the whole story is just one additional example of what they think of your intelligence. Did I vote to split the Local? Yes sir I did. I think that anyone that wants to continue down the road to disaster behind the current President should have the chance to do so without taking the rest of us with him. Did I orchestrate an effort to retaliate against Champa for Lenny Duge's alledged wrongdoing? No sir. My comments and opinions on Champa stemmed directly from my own dealings with him on Local 53 KMEX issues and the stupid responses I have received over time either stated directly to me, or to people around me. We have no use for a President that cannot represent our lot, or has no desire to do so. Duge was entitled to due process through the Local, not arm twisting to resign. The current practice of leaking information and alledged evidence of wrongdoing is not only unfair to the accused prior to due process, but is also probably a violation of privacy and law. It is also very unbecoming of a leader with alledged integrity and is probably ground for an article 10 itself. The whole things stinks, and is why I choose to endorse Lenny. If Lenny is found guilty of wrongdoing by due process, he will get what he has coming. I don't know all of the details to make that decision. I do know that the Lenny Duge I have had to deal with on a Local basis is a person that has acted swiftly and professionally, with complete courtesy and treatment as a equal union brother. Not someone that tells me he doesn't need our KMEX votes to run his railroad. He (Champa) may be right in his ability to conduct ill business without our ability to stop him. As long as he keeps the numbers that he does in the blind, he'll continue to rob ALL of us for twice what he accuses Lenny of, PER YEAR. With this year's election, and the problems we have faced, maybe enough folks will wake up and smell the coffee, and begin a new era in Local 53. The current President is earning some 50+ dollars per hour on the basis of a KMEX upgrade rate plus 10 percent. I would like to see that effort put into member's issues as diligently. With the help of those he can fool, he can keep the E-Board from reversing his uncalled for wages down to something the By-Laws intended for the rate to be. I think we all would fight to maintain a 118000 dollar salary with our best effort. The difference is there is a limit to everything. Endorsing or fabricating Lies and running people out of office is I think way over the line.

The hot topic at this point is rescuing Local 53 from the hands of Trusteeship. In the past, I have run for the Vice Presidency, only to lose to a fine gentleman known as Lenny Duge. I have run for the Presidency, only to lose to the cancer this Local knows as Joe Champa. Joe is a generally nice guy, however he has a lot to learn about being a leader of the masses and following democratic decisions. We all have a tendency to want to do things our way. Once we begin ignoring the voices of the masses, it's time to step down.

As I stated in my blurb, our incumbent President has attacked both of our last two elected Vice-Presidents and essentially ran both out of office in an attempt to eliminate interference to his plans. I don't know about you, but I expect my elected officials to work within the rules and conduct business as desired by the voice of the democratic process. Sometimes we may go down a road that we personally have issue with. The fact is we must do business as voted. Be it the membership or the Executive Board. No President should even consider ignoring the processes and going his own way. That is exactly what has been happening, and is what I saw coming years ago. Unfortunately I was not known by enough members to appreciate my point of view. We needed this change years before this Local crashed.

I am endorsing Lenny Duge for President. Lenny has always been there for the membership in my opinion, and even resigned in this last fiasco from his VP post to attempt prevention of the Local disaster. That was a total act of honor in favor of the membership. Our incumbent President would never go so far for the cause, simply because that is not his agenda. His welfare and plans come before the Local's welfare and decisions.

I also endorse Bud Fales for Vice-President. Bud represents the welfare of permanent employment, which in turn offers Daily Hire employment opportunities to advance beyond the status of dispensible employment, should they ever desire to seek a more secure job future. Bud is also the most logical replacement for our last elected VP and will help maintain the balance of power at the E-Board level. One must understand that in order to have any stability in the Daily world, there must be an anchor of permanent workers in order to prevent chaos. Our incumbent President would be just tickled pink if we were all dispensible workers. Is there any real question why we are in Trusteeship?

I also endorse Janet Miller for Treasurer. Janet has done a fine job for us for years, and we don't need to disrupt the Local office by turning yet another process upside-down. Janet has put into place many accounting improvements, and has plans for further streamlining of the office procedures. Don't fix anything that is not broken.

I endorse John Soltero for KMEX E-Board representative. John is the fairest person currently running for the job. He is willing to listen to all of the issues, and debates well. He does this while keeping both feet on solid ground. John's decisions all have the best interests of our shop and our Local at hand. Make a reasonable presentation to John, and he is probably going to agree with you. Make a unreasonable presentation, and he'll reject it without hesitation. It is this type of methodical processing of motions that makes John the best candidate for the job. Re-elect John Soltero.

Lastly, I encourage your vote for Scott Spiro for Regional Vice-President. Since the SEC seems to be ill informed on the needs and issues of the local, it's time we send another representative to give the proper information regarding our needs in Local 53.

Of course, I do request your vote for myself to allow me to become the next Local 53 Secretary. As a member from the smaller shops, I would like to improve our representation. The bigger shops need to know the right information on issues that affect us. I think I can help communicate those needs.

I don't pretend to have all the answers to the many questions and issues that lie ahead of us. I do posess the ability to analyze situations and develop effective responses to the issues at hand. I consider myself to be a fighter. I understand the need for compromise when the conditions are within reason. I also believe in the need to be respected and heard. My biggest belief in the arena of union relations is that the local must be strong and considered a contender, not an opponent of weak principles. The last thing I would ever want to be considered is a friendly adversary.

Plain and simple, it is my opinion that we need to build up the strength of the local. Over the last few years, we have lowered our shields, and considered the world a nicer place than it is.

Please give my opinions some thought process, and if anything I have expressed makes sense, consider a vote for me. If you need more information or have questions, please e-mail me at: (Click the link for E-mail)

You may also reach me at KMEX in the afternoons at (310) 348-3553, 4 to 6pm or 8 to 10pm, Tuesday through Thursday.

Thank you for your time.

Leroy Jackson


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