Leroy Jackson III              

[ Lee's High School FB Reel 2003 (work in progress) High Res Web - Windows Media 13.4mb ]

[ Lee's High School FB Reel 2003 (work in progress) Med Res Web - Windows Media 6.3mb ]

[ Lee shakin' & bakin' - Windows Media 509k ]

[ Lee picks this pass above the rim - Windows Media 418k ]

[ Lee's killing fields - Windows Media 474k ]

[ Leroy III in Action #1 - Real Video 485k ]

[ Leroy III in Action #2 - Real Video 536k ]

[ Leroy (Bishop Amat) vs. Alemany - Windows Media 348k ]

Leroy III - The Blue Hawgs, 2003 Quickstrike National Champs, HS / Rec Division

Leroy III - The Blue Hawgs, Los Angeles 2002 Quickstrike Division 15 Champions - 14-17 Year olds - 1 for 2 in 2001-2002

Leroy III - The Blue Hawgs, Phoenix 2001 Division 26, San Diego Division 62, Bay Area Division 51, Los Angeles Division 41 Champions - 15 and Under - 4 for 4 in 2001 Lettin' it Fly!

Leroy takes a pass across the middle for a big gainer setting up the 1st & goal from the 15 yard line to tie up the score...

Leroy takes off on a handoff option play after placing the Showtime defender in the popcorn machine for the winning TD, setting up the semi-final game with the Bucanneers

Leroy leaves a defender grabbing air after a great spin and cut allowed him to escape the defensive triangle

Leroy breakin' down 3 defenders on his way to the goal line for the TD

Leroy watches his bomb find Jeff as the big Banana Slug looks on - TD

Lee breaks to the left sideline and then cuts upfield for a long TD run

Leroy breakin' down 4 defenders to get down inside the 5 yard line

Leroy on his way up to block the pass in the end zone

Leroy moves the ball toward the goal line on the fake reverse pass play

Leroy conquers the crab phobia - Who is the master Lee Roy!!!?

Leroy III (1) Drops a scrambling Diamond Bar QB in his tracks on a keeper

Lee gets his first HS run play with some daylight...

Lee stiff arms the Diamond Bar DB into the ground and looks for more yards

Surrounded by hostile Brahmas, Lee accelerates forward for a 13 yard run

This run nets Lee another 11 yards

Lee's final run against Diamond Bar gets him another 8 yards and leaves a defender break dancing

Leroy III (36) gets his run on against Alemany. Go Bishop Amat Lancers!

Lancers in the huddle... Damn that Cuda (38) is a huge sophomore...

Leroy III (36) prowling on defense awaiting intruders... The next play, he found one and scored the solo ooooh tackle of the day... Don't come in here...

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