Jeffery Hendrix II              

[ Jeff burning up the sideline - Windows Media 604k ]

[ Jeff playing hella Safety - Windows Media 439k ]

[ Jeff throwing darts - Windows Media 379k ]

[ Jeffery II in Action - Real Video 460k ]

Jeffery II - The Blue Hawgs, 2003 Quickstrike National Champs, HS / Rec Division

Jeffery II - The Blue Hawgs, Los Angeles 2002 Quickstrike Division 15 Champions - 14-17 Year olds - 1 for 2 in 2001-2002

Jeffery II - The Blue Hawgs, Phoenix 2001 Division 26, San Diego Division 62, Bay Area Division 51, Los Angeles Division 41 Champions - 15 and Under - 4 for 4 in 2001 Lettin' it Fly!

Jeff makes a nice reception from Leroy all alone over the middle for a big gain

Jeffery is all alone in the endzone waiting on a TD pass for the score

Jeff unloading a pass against the opponent's will

Jeff steps up to block a sure completion

Jeff making another acrobatic interception - He leads the team in picks...

When Jeff isn't throwing a TD pass, he takes a pass and holds dancing lessons...

Jeff gets his crab grab on while the fellas get a kick out of it...

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