Joshua Barnett              

Joshua's Division V CIF ring... He gotta ring!

1st Team All-CIF All Division RB 2002, 2003

1st Team All-CIF Division V RB 2002, 2003

All State 2003, Honorable Mention 2002

1st Team PE.Com All County RB 2002, 2003

1st Team All Ivy League RB 2002, 2003

CIF Southern Section Division V Champs 2001, 2003 - Runner up 2002

Attention all recruiting parties:

The following samples of Josh's FB reel are for convenience only. If you are truly interested, e-mail your contact information to arrange a 23 min. video tape of Josh's football action. As you can tell by this page, Joshua has been very active in the sport during and after the regular season for many years. Congratulations to Idaho State for picking up our choice for the top HS RB in California this year.

[ Hi-res sample of Josh's FB reel - 8.4mb Windows Media - for broadband connections (DSL, Cable modem or higher)]

[ Lo-res sample of Josh's FB reel - 2.4mb Windows Media - for those with dial up connections only]

[ Joshua (J.W. North) vs. Mater Dei - Windows Media 444k ]

[ Joshua (J.W. North) vs. Riverside Poly - Windows Media 546k ]

[ Joshua (J.W. North) vs. Norco - Windows Media 387k ]

[ Joshua (J.W. North) vs. Murrieta Valley - Windows Media 514k ]

[ Josh picks off a hot ball - Windows Media 374k ]

[ Josh picks another hot potato - Windows Media 435k ]

[ Josh being unstoppable - Windows Media 288k ]

[ Joshua in Action - Real Video 405k ]

Joshua - The Blue Hawgs, 2003 Quickstrike National Champs, HS / Rec Division

Joshua - The Blue Hawgs, Los Angeles 2002 Quickstrike Division 15 Champions - 14-17 Year olds - 1 for 2 in 2001-2002

Joshua - The Blue Hawgs, Phoenix 2001 Division 26, San Diego Division 62, Bay Area Division 51, Los Angeles Division 41 Champions - 15 and Under - 4 for 4 in 2001 Lettin' it Fly!

Josh shaking and baking on the Staples Center turf - makes #25 fall on this cut

Josh takes North Torrance High's Jeff Gray to the house for the 2nd time in 2 drives

Josh takes the shovel pass in for the PAT

Josh runs down a long ball for the easy TD

Josh takes the low road for the PAT

Josh's defensive game has come way up, as he shows on this pass knockdown in his zone

Josh requests to play safety, and goes up high to defend a long ball...

He completes the play with a backward roll and the interception.

Once again, Josh plays

Josh is the only one close to this track meet pass...

And he doesn't dissapoint the team when he runs down the TD ball.

Having shook the three other defenders, Josh shows his stop/start acceleration.

Josh takes on a defender like a brick wall as he catches the TD pass

Josh runs a great pattern and makes a routine catch while the defender looks helpless to stop him

Josh makes defenders look real bad as he scores once again

Josh walking the tightrope while catching the ball behind him

Josh outmaneuvering his opponent with smooth, steady acceleration through the turn upfield

Josh shows the rock to the camera - TD

Josh showing his mad skills on one of his many runs

JW North H.S. of Riverside is fortunate to have Josh (8) on their team. He contributed to their fantastic run for the 2001 Southern Section Division V CIF title. Check out the Heisman pose... Contratulations to a young team now in position to own D5 for three years!

Josh runs left for some of his 102 yards on 16 carries

Josh runs right...

Lee and Tony visit with Josh on the field after the big win

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