Ram Pride '99               

Lee and Mixon at it again

Leroy III (1) breaks up a pass intended for Terry Mixon


Cannonball Freddy has left the backfield

Freddy (2) chews up yardage between the tackles


Jeff busts loose in the middle

Jeffery II (6) gets a long run up the gut


Great throw, Great Catch

Arrin (12) receives the perfect pass from Serrano for the first score of the game

More Freddy, more of the time

Freddie (33) charges forward to rip up more yardage



Leroy III (1) makes a great catch despite being hit before he could turn around

Crush, Kill, Destroy

Ryan (30) gets deep in the backfield for a sack


Ryan (30) lifts Mixon off his feet and slams him into the ground for a big loss

Run Josh, Run

Josh (2) gets one of his few clean openings to run through.

Go Peanut!

Jeffery II (6) finds a missing football and nearly returns the interception for a score


Go Jack!

Leroy III (1) takes 6.5 yards the hard way


One more time, Go Jack

Lee (1) runs hard and stretches toward a first down



Arrin (12) catches a perfect strike from Serrano and goes the distance for the score


We had a great 7-4 season, and look forward to 2000! Ram Pride!

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