Ram Pride '99               

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Arrin (12) home alone in the end zone for 6 points


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Bianca (43) uses Girl Power to stop a La Mirada runner


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Josh (2) cuts behind Daniel's (62) block on a long run


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Leroy III (1) and James (28) deny a short pass play


sglmrp1.jpg (120k bytes)

Ryan (30) attempts to pull apart a La Mirada runner

sglmjb1.jpg (120k bytes)

Joshua (2) electrifies the crowd with another long run


sglmjb2.jpg (120k bytes)

Josh (2) separates the football from the runner - can you find the football? (Look Up!)


sglmjp1.jpg (120k bytes)

James (28) found the football and returns it 55 yards for a Touchdown

sglmlj2.jpg (120k bytes)

Leroy III (1) scores on a 3 yard run for the 2 point conversion and ties the game 14 - 14


sglmrp2.jpg (120k bytes)

Ryan (30) and Leroy III (1) go high-low on a La Mirada runner to put the Smack Down


sglmjh1.jpg (120k bytes)

Jeffery II (6) slashes through the line on a 7 yard run


sglmms1.jpg (120k bytes)

Mark (18) Loads up the cannon to fire a projectile - oops, pass the ball...


sglmlj6.jpg (120k bytes)

Leroy III (1) follows a great lead block by Arrin (12) on a 7 yard TD run to make the score 20 -14 Rams

sglmjb4.jpg (120k bytes)

Josh (2) demonstrates the art of denying a pass while flying through the air


sglmjh2.jpg (120k bytes)

Jeffery II (6) picks off a deep pass - Leroy III (1) has his back should he miss


sglmam2.jpg (120k bytes)

Arrin (12) puts the game away with a 55 yard kick return with 13 seconds left to make the final score 26 - 20 Rams!


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