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Leroy III, Joshua, Brandon, Jeffery II, Arrin, Anthony Jr. - The Blue Hawgs, Phoenix 2001 Division 26, San Diego Division 62, Bay Area Division 51, Los Angeles Division 41 Champions - 15 and Under - 4 for 4 in 2001 Lettin' it Fly! 

This page is dedicated to the Blue Hawgs of Air it Out and Let it Fly competitions.

Leroy III, Joshua, Brandon, Jeffery II, Arrin, Lance (not pictured), John (not pictured), and Anthony Jr. make up the Blue Hawgs.

January 20, 2002

Your Blue Hawgs travel to Phoenix to compete in the Phoenix Let-it-Fly tournament. The team returns to top form and holds on for a 5-0 run and the fourpeat in Phoenix. The Untouchables were moved into a different division for the first time in four years, which denied the rematch everyone was looking forward to after the Quickstrike tourney. Next up: The Bay area LIF, followed by San Diego.

January 13, 2002

Your Blue Hawgs return to duty full strength for the Los Angeles Quickstrike tournament. Not only did the team return to proper form with Josh back from his Division V championship season, the team was in incredible form. A full length game was held with the Division 14 champions, the Birmingham Saints, in which the Blue Hawgs were successful in taking a 27-7 contest. The game did not count, however it gave us a chance to compare our selves with the higher division. The Saints went on to win their divison with a 5-0 run. Your Blue Hawgs also won Division 15 with a 5-0 run. Since there will not be a Los Angeles Let-it-Fly tournament, it was important that we took the title in the only L.A. tourney of this magnitude.

December 2, 2001

Your Blue Hawgs travel to Phoenix to compete in the Tempe Quickstrike tournament. Missing Josh, and practice, the team goes 2-2 to finish in the first round of the tournament, losing to the Demons. We also lost to the Untouchables for the first time in some 3 years competing against them. For the first time ever, the Blue Hawgs miss a championship round.

February 26, 2001

Your Blue Hawgs come home to Los Angeles to restate their claim as the top 15 and under team on the West Coast. The team finishes 5-0 to claim the Division 41 title. It should also be noted that the L.A. Let-it-Fly was probably the most competitive tournament in our age group this year.

Quick game recap:

1. Blue Hawgs vs. E.C.R. (El Camino Real) - 33-0 Blue Hawgs

The Blue Hawgs start the tournament slow after spending the night in Big Bear, eating a big breakfast, then jumping into competition. Although the team played relatively well, the rain had not yet soaked the fields which allowed a less than focused team to quickly dispatch a decent opponent.

2. Blue Hawgs vs. The Patriots - 28-12 Blue Hawgs

This game was the most controversial game of the season. Inexperienced referees led to many time consuming rules arguments such as laterals, illegal rushes, etc. The Patriots managed to lead 12-6 for a moment, however taunting and lip service woke up your Blue Hawgs, who quickly proceeded to set the record straight with a 22 point run to end the game.

3. Blue Hawgs vs. Knights - 26-13 Blue Hawgs

This game was a rematch from our last Los Angeles Air-it-Out title, where we faced the Jets in the championship match. Now known as the Knights, they once again proved they were willing and ready to give your Blue Hawgs a run for the title. The Knights managed to build a 13-6 lead on a soggy field which hurt us more than it did them. It didn't help with your Blue Hawgs partying all night in the snow at Big Bear... The team responded to the challenge by tightening up the defense and putting together some outstanding offensive plays to score 20 unanswered points to take the match.

4. Blue Hawgs vs. Calabasas Ballers - Semifinal - 28-6 Blue Hawgs

Your First Place Blue Hawgs from Group 2 faced the Second Place Ballers from Group 1. This team looked very good in the games we scouted, and seemed to match up fairly well. Unfortunately for the Ballers, they caught the Blue Hawgs in the best game mindset of the tournament. Precision execution and some outstanding catches made this one of the shortest playoff games we can recall. Only one breakdown on defense allowed a very good receiver to get away and score.

6. Blue Hawgs vs. The Patriots, Division 41 Championship - 12-6 Blue Hawgs

In a much desired rematch, your Blue Hawgs took on the Patriots once again. Having edged out the number one team from Group 1, Precision Decision (Phoenix, AZ), the Patriots were completely confident that they could win this title. The weather was lousy, the field was soaked, and your Blue Hawgs were less than 100 percent going into this match. After the Patriots managed to draw first blood, your Blue Hawgs scored 12 unanswered points, had totally shut down the Patriots, and had the ball when the game was called on time. After reviewing the tape of the game, it is clear that only 23 minutes elapsed. Based upon the way the game was going, it is likely that your Blue Hawgs would have scored the usual 28 points to end the game before time expired. However, as it stands, your Blue Hawgs win the game, the division 41 title, and can finally claim the L.A. repeat.

Final standings for Los Angeles Division 41: 5-0

Contest Notes:

54-6 overall, 23-1 in playoff games, 10-1 in Title games. The team finishes the 2000-2001 Let-it-Fly season undefeated, and at home the team is 12-0 over 3 seasons. Next stop: March 31st, USFTL Las Vegas Spring National Invitational Tournament, 4 on 4 Bombs Away division. Go Blue Hawgs!

P.S. There was a rumor started this weekend about the Blue Hawgs being a bunch of 17 year olds playing in a 15 year old division... Rest assured that the oldest member is 15 as of the second week of January, and the youngest members turn 15 in August of this year... Any sensible person can scroll down this page to the 4 beanies and review the pictures from the past 3 seasons and see that these young men are 15,15,14,14,14,14. And all were OCJAAF certified players that all played in the same age groups most of their years. The team does appreciate being given credit for playing at a level associated with older players.

--- February 19, 2001

Your Blue Hawgs return to the Bay Area and continue the win streak. The team finishes 6-0 to claim the Division 51 title.

Quick game recap:

1. Blue Hawgs vs. Fighting Banana Slugs - 31-6 Blue Hawgs

The Blue Hawgs start the tournament without a coach, and stop the Slugs first drive. On the first offensive play your Blue Hawgs score the TD, and then pick up the 2 point conversion. Coach returns to the game to find a 8-0 autopilot game. The game goes a few minutes beyond halftime before the final touchdown is scored.

2. Blue Hawgs vs. Team Olano - 28-0 Blue Hawgs

Facing a team that was really having a tough tournament, our boys have to battle with not playing down to their level. The game is ended with the lowest point output of the weekend.

3. Blue Hawgs vs. American Gladiators - 33-20 Blue Hawgs

The Gladiators showed up ready to give your Blue Hawgs a run for the money. Featuring a 6 foot 2 inch receiver, a shootout commenced, with each team scoring just about each posession. After some adjustments on defense, the scoring threat is shut down, and a 12 point run ends this game. Exciting game from a veteran Let-it-Fly opponent.

4. Blue Hawgs vs. The Waterboys - 35-8 Blue Hawgs

This game was played right after a Top Gun game, and had quite a large crowd on hand to watch this youth game. Your Blue Hawgs responded in proper fashion, and put on a clinic. Playing near flawless football, the team displayed outstanding patterns, catching, running, and flat out speed. Top Gun Champions Team Grossman (Glory Days) were on hand, as well Top Guns All Starz and Griffins (NV) to watch the team advance to 4-0 for the tournament.

5. Blue Hawgs vs. The Waterboys - Semifinal - 33-6 Blue Hawgs

Finishing in first place gives us the fourth place team in the playoffs. Unfortunately, the Waterboys lose the 3 way tie on points and wind up in the fourth slot. The results are roughly the same, and your Blue Hawgs advance to the final.

6. Blue Hawgs vs. American Gladiators, Division 51 Championship - 28-0 Blue Hawgs

Finally the opportunity to add the Bay Area is at hand. The team opens up with great defense, and quickly scores. After stopping the only scoring threat of the game by the Gladiators, your Blue Hawgs proceed to finishing off the Gladiators in approximately 9 minutes. Job Complete. Division 51 Champions. Next stop: At Home - Los Angeles, CA. (The L.A. Tournament will be held at the San Bernardino Soccer Complex - )

Final standings for Bay Area Division 51: 6-0

Contest Notes:

49-6 overall, 21-1 in playoff games, 9-1 in Title games.

--- February 12, 2001

Your Blue Hawgs return to San Diego and continue the win streak. The team finishes 4-0 to claim the Division 62 title and the fourpeat.

Quick game recap:

1. Blue Hawgs vs. Aztecs - 33-0 Blue Hawgs

The Blue Hawgs start the tournament off in high gear, and put an amazing defensive press on a good Aztecs team. The game goes a few minutes beyond halftime before the final touchdown is scored.

2. Blue Hawgs vs. Steelers (Cerritos, CA) - 20-6 Blue Hawgs

Having been followed south from L.A. by our rivals, a highly competitive game is played with the Steelers. The Blue Hawgs struck two early touchdowns to go up 14-0. On a good run after the pass, the Steelers scored a touchdown. Your Blue Hawgs stayed cool, and worked the ball down for another score. Time expired, and the unbeaten streak stayed intact for 2000-2001.

3. Blue Hawgs vs. Sharks - 33-0 Blue Hawgs

The Sharks were the tallest team your Blue Hawgs faced this competition. Hungry for another championship, the team executed flawlessly for most of the game, barring a few plays where experimentation took place. Leroy III also spent time imitating Willie Beamon (Any Given Sunday) puking on the sidelines between plays. Finally, the game was ended, and the trip to the Championship was at hand.

4. Blue Hawgs vs. Aztecs, Division 62 Championship - 30-9 Blue Hawgs

After anticipating a much desired finals match with Cerritos, the Blue Hawgs were amazed that the Aztecs were able to put together a plan to eliminate the Steelers. Missing focus, the team starts out by snapping the ball low into the end zone for an Aztec safety. 2-0 Aztecs. The Aztecs then take posession at the 5 yard line and quickly march up field for a touchdown and the extra point. A quick chewing out XFL style managed to wake up the team and a 30 point unanswered scoring blitz. Leroy continued his puking on the sidlines... The game ended on a pass to a very ill Leroy sliding in the corner of the end zone with two defenders on his butt... One of the Aztecs twisted his ankle on the play, at which point the extra point try was declined and the game ended at 30-9. Fantastic game and performance by all of your Blue Hawgs. Next stop: Bay Area - Morgan Hill, CA.

Final standings for San Diego Division 62: 4-0

Contest Notes:

43-6 overall, 19-1 in playoff games, 8-1 in Title games.

Special Note: The only team to beat us in a title game, the Gators (del Real, division 60) from the Bay Area, were at the San Diego Let it Fly, playing in a higher division... 17 and under. They should play the Blue Hawgs now for those stolen trophies, the missing fourth Air it Out football (see below). Even though they are still 2+ years older, they no longer have the height/speed advantage they had at that time. The Blue Hawgs would complete the collection, and erase the only blemish on a championship streak.

----- January 2001

Your Blue Hawgs return to the Phoenix oasis and continue their reign as Phoenix's Most Wanted... All challenges are met, and the team finishes 6-0 to claim the Division 26 title and the threepeat.

Quick game recap:

1. Blue Hawgs vs. Trojans - 20-14 Blue Hawgs

The Blue Hawgs begin the tournament a bit slow, and quickly find themselves in a slugfest. After being surprised on the first drive by a determined Trojan team, your Blue Hawgs respond with three touchdowns and a conversion to acheive the win.

2. Blue Hawgs vs. Vanilla Berries / Playaz - 31-0 Blue Hawgs

The Blue Hawgs proved to be just too quick for the somewhat larger Playaz to keep up with. Despite an excellent game from the Playaz safety, the Blue Hawgs racked up a decent 31-0 win. It was also reported that one of the Playaz made a comment that the Blue Hawgs had a great offense, but no defense... hmmm...

3. Blue Hawgs vs. Team Cantu - 24-6 Blue Hawgs

Once again, the team is surprised by the determination of Team Cantu, and finds themselves in an early battle. However, the team settles down and commands the rest of the game.

4. Blue Hawgs vs. The Untouchables - 30-20 Blue Hawgs

The Untouchables were the only opponent in our division from last year, when they were the Gamblers. The Untouchables declared war early on the Blue Hawgs, scoring on the first drive, and staying in a shootout with the Blue Hawgs over half of the game. Finally, in championship fashion, the Blue Hawgs clamp down and once again stop the challenge. The trip to the playoffs is once again a reality. Great game!

5. Blue Hawgs vs. The Untouchables - 28-14 Blue Hawgs

After taking a break to watch the Top Gun team from L.A., Glory Days, the Blue Hawgs enter the semi-final game against the most dangerous team of the competition, The Untouchables. Due to losing two close matches during regular play, The Untouchables were prepared to give the Blue Hawgs a run for the money. By stepping up play, the Blue Hawgs were able to lower the scoring output of the opponent, and completed the victory in playoff mode, going for the quickest route to 28 points. The threepeat is alive and well.

6. Blue Hawgs vs. Trojans, Division 26 Championship - 32-7 Blue Hawgs

Although the Untouchables were more dangerous due to their height advantages, the Trojans quickly proved why they were the number two team. The Trojans drew first blood on the first possesion to take a 7-0 lead. Then the Trojans picked off a Blue Hawg pass and threatened to score with the ball at the Blue Hawg 12 yard line. Hard work on defense avoided the second touchdown. Your Blue Hawgs responded with 32 unanswered points to dispatch the Trojans and claim the third title in as many attempts.

Final standings for Phoenix Division 26: 6-0

Contest Notes:

39-6 overall, 18-1 in playoff games, 7-1 in Title games.

Special Note: Big thanks to Top Guns Glory Days for taking a few minutes out of their day to drop some knowledge on the Blue Hawgs. In the eyes of the Blue Hawgs, you guys will always be number one. See you in San Diego!

School is in, and the youngins are soppin' it up! Big Ups to Glory Days! 

----- March 2000

Your Blue Hawgs are denied a chance at the Los Angeles Repeat & the 3rd title this year due to rain. The L.A. Let it Fly competition was cancelled after playing only 2 games.

Quick game recap:

1. Blue Hawgs vs. Highly Flammable - 27-2 Blue Hawgs

The Blue Hawgs entered the game at far less than full strength, with Arrin being on suspension due to a much needed attitude correction, and Brandon not able to play Saturday for personal reasons. To top things off, Leroy III sprung his right thumb at school on Friday just before the contest. Lee played the game with a useless right hand full of pain. Our 4th man John, had never competed with us before and had to adapt quickly. Highly Flammable proved not to be able to take advantage of the visible weaknesses. Just 18 minutes into the game the HF coach called the game at 27-2. The 2 points scored against us were due to the snapping difficulties of Lee's bad hand...

2. Blue Hawgs vs. Bruins - 42-7 Blue Hawgs

Due to the impending rain, our games were moved to a drier field, however the rules were that we had to play a full 30 minute game. The Blue Hawgs quickly proved they we also too much for the Bruins to handle. Leroy III even managed a TD grab with one good hand. Josh led the way with 3 TD's and 2 PAT's, and John add 2 more TD's and 1 extra point.

The Blue Hawgs were denied the chance to play 2 excellent teams in our division, the Bulldogs and Suspended Air. Assuming a victory over Suspended Air, we would have most likely met either team for the final.

Final standings for L.A. Division 54: 2-0

Contest Notes:

33-6 overall, 16-1 in playoff games, 6-1 in Title games.

The Trophy Stack - Air it Out San Diego '98 on top, Air it Out '99 (3 footballs), and Let it Fly 2000, the black plaques.

February 2000

Your Blue Hawgs perform the Threepeat in San Diego this weekend by posting a 5 - 1 record.

Quick game recap:

1. Blue Hawgs open up slowly and give up 14 points before coming to life and scoring 30 unanswered points against the Tarheels to take the game 30-14.

2. Blue Hawgs destroy the All Starz in about 8 minutes with a score of 28-2.

3. Blue Hawgs have trouble focusing and allow a 14 point lead to fizzle. 21-26 NC Bombers.

4. A forfeit is declared when the Sharks fail to show up for the tournament. 28-0 score for the Blue Hawgs.

5. Blue Hawgs rematch with the Tarheels for the semi-final game and for the second year in a row get dispatched. 28-6 Blue Hawgs.

6. Blue Hawgs show the NC Bombers what it is really like to play the Blue Hawgs in top form. Blue Hawgs wrap up the Division with a 28-8 score.

Division 73 Champions, 5-1 overall.

Contest Notes:

31-6 overall, 16-1 in playoff games, 6-1 in Title games.

----- January 2000

Your Blue Hawgs successfully acheived their second Division title in Phoenix by posting a 5-0 record.

Quick game recap:

1. Blue Hawgs defeat the Gamblers 33-0 in 14 minutes.

2. Bombers fail to report - forfeit and 28-0 score awarded.

3. Blue Hawgs face returning opponent from 1999 - Hawgs beat the Crusaders 33-18. Lack of hustle allows 18 points.

4. Semi Final match - Blue Hawgs defeat # 2 team from Group 2, Seminoles - Score: 28-2

5. Division 89 Final - Blue Hawgs (4-0) vs Savages (4-0). Blue Hawgs eliminate the Savages 30-0 and pick up their 5th Division Championship in 6 attempts.

Contest notes:

149 points scored, 20 allowed.

26-5 Overall Games Played, 14-1 in Playoff Games played, 5-1 in Title Games.

----- 1999

The Blue Hawgs of NFL Air it Out are 4-1 in championships to this point. Air it Out is 4 on 4 Flag football, or what can be better described as fast-break football. Speed and precision determine success in this game. The skills learned on this fast field help sharpen their skills on the grid iron. Click the first beanie below for a picture of the Blue Hawgs in San Diego '98, and the second beanie for Los Angeles '99.

We have just completed the season for us this year. The Blue Hawgs have won 4 out of the 5 competitions they have participated in. Had they not been scheduled to play against 14 and 15 year olds (posing as 13 year olds) in San Francisco, they would be 5-0.

To Recap the success, here it is:

1997-98 San Diego Division 58 Champions

1998-99 Los Angeles Division 80 Champions

1998-99 Arizona Division 90 Champions

1998-99 San Francisco Division 67 Runner Up

1998-99 San Diego Division 66 Champions

Combined record:   21-5, in all games played. 9-1 in playoff games, 4-1 in titles. The Blue Hawgs have outlasted 32 teams through this run.  Are these boys bad or what?

Look forward to some more of my favorite action snaps and maybe a movie clip or two!

Go Blue Hawgs!!!


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