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After enduring a tough, competitive tournament, your Blue Hawgs survived the slugfest once again and will now advance to the High School Division Championship of the L.A. Avengers Quickstrike Tournament, to be held at the Staples Center, July 6th, 2002 immediately following the L.A. Avengers game. The Blue Hawgs are scheduled to compete against the North Torrance High Saxons Varsity squad. Entering the tournament under the name Caution, this team was undefeatable on the day, going 5-0, including the worst loss the Blue Hawgs have had to date, which was 46-12, or somewhere in that neighborhood. Given our team went into this event as true sophomores, 15,15,15, and two 16 year olds, we were good to score on our first two drives. After that point, Senior QB Kenny Brown and Junior Receiver Jeff Gray simply provided too much firepower for us to handle on this occasion. The pair led the rest of the Senior crew not only to number one status against a division of underclassmen, they also led North Torrance High to the Division XI finals, losing only to Santa Monica High 28-14 in the final, as well as 23-20 during the regular season. Therefore, considering we faced a serious group of questionable 17 year olds, we did good to score two drives in a row.  (We believe Jeff Gray is 17, and highly talented)

Read the pre-season review on these talented football players at:     

Given that surprise buzz saw, the tournament was great. 3 Deep, aka Calabasas Cowboys, gave us a good run in a 25-20 game. The Buccaneers came out to play, and caught the Blue Hawgs sleeping to take a very competitive win. Showtime, the early favorite, played the Blue Hawgs to a race to the finish 23-20 Blue Hawg win. In the semi-final game, as the third seed, your Blue Hawgs faced the Buccaneers once more, and took the game in a 46-25 shootout to advance to the Championship round.

We thank all teams for a competitive, tough tournament. We know we'll see some again in the fall, and know what we have to prepare for. We survived to attend another Championship round, and we are grateful that we did. Any of the four teams could have been in this position.


The teams overall record as of 5/19/02 is:

70-10 Overall

27-2 Playoffs

12-1 Championships

One Championship left to play before this chapter is closed out.

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Since the Let it Fly tour was sold to a new owner, the links will take you to until a new site is established.


The Blue Hawgs will be participating in this weekend's Quickstrike L.A. Avengers tournament. More information below.

Since the Let it Fly tour was sold to a new owner, the links will take you to until a new site is established.

The Blue Hawgs are a group of young men from Los Angeles, California, that have been playing organized football together for over 5 years. 4 team members played together for the Downey Razorbacks, and later the South Gate Rams of Orange County Junior All American Football. 3 members played for the Inglewood Sentinels, also of OCJAAF. The goal of OCJAAF is to provide organized sports for youth that not only provides competition against some of the best youth players in the country, but also the opportunity to make new friendships and to experience greater adventures in life.

As an OCJAAF coach for 5 years, I believe in that goal, and through the opportunities I experienced through OCJAAF, our paths crossed and led to the formation of this flag football team in 1997.

To date, the Blue Hawgs have been fortunate enough to participate in 13 out of 14 championship games, and have won 12 division championships. The teams overall record as of 1/20/02 is:

67-8 Overall

26-2 Playoffs

12-1 Championships

Attention Flag Players:

The Quickstrike Tournament is holding a L.A. Avengers sponsored tour in the L.A./Orange/Riverside areas, beginning in Pasadena on May 19th. The Blue Hawgs will be participating this weekend. Team schedules and gametimes are listed on the Quickstrike web page.

Highlights of the tour: A chance to play in the Championship game at Staples Center. For more information, see the Quickstrike links on this web page.

Look for short Real Video clips of Blue Hawg players on the player web pages. Click a picture of a player below.


As the team ages, the level of play in competition is becoming stronger and better. We take pride in every game we win, knowing that the teams we are playing are tougher every year.

The Blue Hawgs want to give special mention to the Calabasas Coyotes of Los Angeles, the Mesa Diablos of Phoenix, and the American Gladiators of the Bay Area for not only being great competitors, but great young men as well, keeping in touch with us and helping the concept of expanding friendships and showing respect for one another. There is the heat of the moment, the fire of competition, and the realization that we are all only as good as the competition we have. The Blue Hawgs respect all opponents we face, and enjoy the chance to compete. Now that all are in High School, even the boys themselves are in the tough position of having to oppose each other during the regular football season. This is not new, and the respect for each other as an opponent is even greater. When it is all over and done, they remain as one. Friends.

We would also like to send a special Thanks to Chuck Price & the staff at Quickstrike for treating us so well. Not to say that we aren't treated well by the LIF staff, because we are. Chuck goes the extra mile, and there is never any doubt that he has the player in mind. At least with the Blue Hawgs, that is the case. For official information on Let-it-Fly or Quickstrike, click on the links at the top of this page.

Leroy III Joshua Brandon Jeffery II Lance Anthony Jr. Arrin - 2001

Note: The Blue Hawgs will not be at the Bay Area event, and due to the uncertainty of the remaining Let-it-Fly events, we will not attempt the Let-it-Fly Nationals. (2001-2002 tour)

Look for us later this year in the post football season tournaments, and the individual pages will be updated with more pictures. Click one of the pictures above to access the players pages. Good Luck to all teams continuing to play this year.

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Leroy III, Joshua, Brandon, Jeffery II, Arrin, Anthony Jr. - The Blue Hawgs 2000-2001

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