Brandon Hampton              

2002 All-City First Team Offense - RB

[ Brandon in Action - Real Video 446k ]

[ Brandon (Westchester) vs. Manual Arts - Windows Media 569k ]

Brandon - The Blue Hawgs, 2003 Quickstrike National Champs, HS / Rec Division

Brandon - The Blue Hawgs, Los Angeles 2002 Quickstrike Division 15 Champions - 14-17 Year olds - 1 for 2 in 2001-2002

Brandon - The Blue Hawgs, Phoenix 2001 Division 26, San Diego Division 62, Bay Area Division 51, Los Angeles Division 41 Champions - 15 and Under - 4 for 4 in 2001 Lettin' it Fly!

Brandon gets the Championship game off to a good start with a high flying grab in the back of the end zone

Brandon catches a perfect strike between three defenders from Jeff, and turns the corner for the TD

Brandon and one of his patented one hand catches for the TD

Brandon exhibits his outrageous turning radius as he slips past two defenders heading for the goal line.

Brandon scores a sack on a frustrated quarterback

Brandon runs down a TD ball - note his concentration on the ball...

Brandon goes high to bring down another TD ball

Brandon gets another important sack.

Brandon looks back to see where the competition is - TD

Brandon displays some of his outstanding footwork, freezing defenders

Brandon often leaves victims grabbing air on his way to the goal line - TD

Brandon signaling to all foes - Don't Mess with the BLUE HAWGS

Brandon accelerates past defenders on his way to the goal line - TD

Brandon makes a fantastic one handed grab to score the final TD of the season

Brandon masters the crab pickup technique from the Master at Alioto's on the Wharf

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