Anthony Bell Jr.              

[ Anthony's HS Football Reel 2003 (Work in progress) - Windows Media 6mb ]

[ Anthony's DB skills - Windows Media 327k ]

[ Anthony goin' deep - Windows Media 487k ]

[ Anthony doing something - Windows Media 379k ]

[ Anthony in Action - Real Video 726k ]

[ Anthony (Hawthorne) vs. Loyola - Windows Media 379k ]

Anthony Jr. - The Blue Hawgs, Los Angeles 2002 Quickstrike Division 15 Champions - 14-17 Year olds - 1 for 2 in 2001-2002

Anthony Jr. - The Blue Hawgs, Phoenix 2001 Division 26, San Diego Division 62, Bay Area Division 51, Los Angeles Division 41 Champions - 15 and Under - 4 for 4 in 2001 Lettin' it Fly!

Anthony slashes and cuts across the field picking up big yardage on the play

Anthony steps on the brakes, and heads the other way...

Look at how much clearance in one step Anthony acheives on the defender...

After the move is complete, Anthony continues upfield.

Anthony demonstrates his leaping ability as he goes over the top for the interception in the face of the receiver

Anthony shakes the first defender so bad, the second man falls 5 yards away...

Anthony once again displays his stop/start speed as two defenders fail to stop him just a couple of feet away.

Anthony makes this catch with a defender all over his shoulders.

Anthony pulls away from defenders moving the ball upfield

Anthony's skills can be seen in this spin move - Looking for more yardage upfield

Anthony's soft hands and great speed keep him distant from the competition

Anthony chillin' with the fellas in Big Bear during the L.A. Contest

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