Ram Pride 2000               

I'm back in action. Chill on the sweeps please...

Arrin (2) returns to duty and begins taking the sweep plays away on his side of the field


Stay back Pee Wee... This is my catch...

Francis (20) makes a catch against his cousin's ("Pee Wee") team...


Hold them blocks... I'm coming

De Andre (4) runs the ball to the left for a few yards


You can't pass on me like this!

Arrin (2) makes a good play on a South Bay pass and nearly intercepts the ball before the pass was broken up


Something about this play is bringing back memories

Arrin (2) returns the kick off for a few yards in a play similar to the play he broke his arm on at this same field



Shake and bake baby...

De Andre (4) breaks off a nice run on a tough day


Let's do some damage!

Freddie (33) follows a great lead block by De Andre for another good run


Yee ha... Ride 'em Cowboy

Fausto (35) hog wrestles a runner out of bounds in a spinning fashion


I have a clean shot. I'm taking it

Robert (32) sacks a runner deep in the backfield on the linebacker blitz


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