Ram Pride 2000               

How's this run, coach?

De Andre (4) demonstrates the ability he has as a running back with smooth moves


Keep an eye on the ball, and put two hands on it...

Fausto (35) goes high for a pass thrown in his direction. Great concentration!

Hey, where did the defense go? Here they come!

Steven (40) tears up the left sideline for a long run

How's this run, coach?

Anthony (29) gets a sack and causes a fumble, but the QB managed to get the ball back

My ball...

Anthony (29) outjumps the Irvine defenders for his pass reception


No entry allowed. Eat dirt!

George (50) chops down a defender at the line of scrimmage

You know, I'm getting kinda good at this...

Fausto (35) takes a pass up the right sideline into Irvine teritory

No way baby... This ball is mine...

De Andre (4) fights for a loose ball on the kickoff

I need somebody to run over...

Freddie (33) rips a big run up the middle for a Ram first down


Ok, where's my block? I'm coming...

Norman (63) leads the deception with his pull block to the left while Freddie reverses right


I must be doing something right... That's two fumbles caused tonight

Anthony (29) catches the tailback deep in the backfield and causes his second fumble. Great job Smitty-D!


I got this one Smitty...

Francis (20) is on the scene and scoops up the fumble


I'm da man...

Fausto (35) goes up and puts 2 hands on yet another pass reception


The way is clear - Go Steve!

Norman (63) de-cleats a defender to pave the way for a successful sweep


Thanks Norman!

Steven (40) gets outside after Norman's block and turns the corner for a long TD run...

Gimme the ball coach... I'll take it in!

De Andre (4) backs up his request for the ball with the 2 point PAT run


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