Ram Pride 2000               

Here comes Engine, Engine, number 8...

Tony (8) powers through the line for 8 the hard way...


I'll just tackle the whole pile...

Ruben (6) helps take down the whole group of players - friend or foe


It's the cleats coach!

Anthony (34) comes up with a big time fumble causing sack on the quarterback


Come here, where you think you're going?

Tony (8) gets into the defensive action with a tackle in the backfield


Momma said to knock you out!

Fausto (35) turns a big pass reception into a big takeaway for the Rams by causing a fumble


Permission to proceed denied

Freddie (33) knocks the scrambling QB out of bounds as a host of Rams converge to help out - none needed...


Darn he's quick - let's see how quick he is with no legs

Robert (32) sends the defensive end flying with a great sack-saving block


No one home, I'll just take a few yards

Robert (32) makes a nice catch and picks up good yardage on the FB pass play


Did you see Fausto's block? I did...

Robert (32) turns upfield after a great block from Fausto downfield


Don't come across my zone like that!

Freddie (32) chops down a Compton receiver he found in his line of fire


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