Ram Pride 2000               

Don't put that weak pass in the air on my side!

Eduardo (95) picks off a Steeler pass and returns it for good yardage


Nice hole in the gut... Thanks line!

Robert (31) runs strong up the middle for a good pickup


Here, grab some air...

Steven (26) turns the left corner for good yardage


I gotta get my catch on today...

Anthony (87) takes a pass up the left sideline with style


Smitty won't out-catch me without a fight...

Fausto (35) finds a pass from Adonay on the right side and shakes off the linebacker hit


Hey, I know how to catch too!

Robert (31) takes a pass under the defense to join the reception contest


Ok fellas... I see you can catch, but do you have hops?

Anthony (87) regains the reception lead by going high for a pass on the left sideline


Coach wanted a block, so I am going to give him one...

De Andre (22) gives Freddie a fantastic lead block by leveling the Steeler defensive end


This one is for the homies not here today...

Freddie (33) burns up the left sideline on a kickoff return deep into Steeler territory


Who wants to get ran over?

De Andre (22) lowers his shoulders and hits the hole off tackle


Dance fool... Where you at? Ha Ha Ha...

Francis (24) shakes and bakes and nearly breaks for a touchdown run dodging almost the entire Steeler defense


Ok guys, this hole won't be open forever...

Norman (63) makes a nice seal block on the defensive tackle for this run play



Robert (31) finds a seam on the kickoff return and moves the ball to midfield


Let me get on my bicycle and get the heck out of here!!!

Adonay (30) scrambles left for yardage as the defense flushes him out of the pocket


Like taking candy from a baby...

Fausto (35) catches a perfectly placed pass from Adonay right over his right shoulder


Man, I could have went 100 yards on this run...

Robert (31) barrels into the end zone for a touchdown after Anthony's pass reception to the 4 yard line... Anthony wins the reception war! Robert wins the touchdown contest!


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