Ram Pride 2000               

Can I turn the corner?

Arrin (2) returns a kickoff for good yardage


Now this is smash mouth football

Robert (32) finds a hole on the wedge play to pick up a few tough yards


My goodness... people are getting rolled over here

Robert (32) finds more success as the right side of the line destroys the Titan defense


Which black jersey should I follow... There are so many blocking downfield!

Robert (32) finds more running room downfield as numerous Rams continue blocking toward the end zone

Look what I found here...

Tony (8) catches a Titan deep in the backfield for a big loss

Boy, I wish I was in a little better shape

Tony (8) returns a kick into Titan territoy


Engine, Engine number 8...

Tony (8) breaks off a long run and in the process destroys a Titan defender and keep going for a few more yards


It's gonna take more than two to bring me down...

Tony (8) continues pounding out yards and punishing defenders


I promised Coach a good game, and I am going to do my best tonight

Tony (8) puts on a running clinic in front of the Titan sideline


I can't let you in...

Frankie (60) drops the best Titan linemen in his tracks


Just hold him there for one more second...

Tony (62) speeds toward a trapped Titan in the backfield


I gotcha!

Tony (8) records another sack as he runs down the QB


Nobody wants this ball as much as I do right now...

Rudy (44) takes posession of the fumbled football while everyone else if trying to figure out what is going on


Didn't Frankie tell this guy no entry allowed?

George (50) cuts down the same defensive lineman Frankie denied on an earlier play. Great job guys!


One touchdown delivered as ordered

Tony (8) takes the ball to the endzone as requested behind some fantastic line blocking. Great job line!


3 yards, no problem

The entire offense gets credit for scoring this PAT as the Compton D line is no where to be seen


Nowhere to run...

Jose (70) runs down a Titan runner for a good tackle. Go Jose!


I want this fumble...

Freddie (33) races two other Rams for the loose football and wins.


No one home. I'm outta here!

Adonay (7) decides against passing, and tucks the ball away for a first down run


I feel like a truck tonight...

Victor (75) continues his finest blocking game by leading the run blocking force


This is the most offensive fun I have had all year...

Victor (75) continues to shine as he becomes more and more agressive each block. Great job Vic!


Come on, let's score again!

Victor (75) leads a great wave of Ram blocking on this run play. This is the best blocking game of the year for the Rams.


Yeah! Let's turck baby!

Richard (55) and Daniel (51) can be clearly seen controlling the middle of the field. Great job!


Hey, go back! Go back!

Guillermo (72) helps the Defensive line stop the Titans for no gain


I can take this guy

Arrin (2) does a fine job playing defensive back as he denies the Titan pass play


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