Ram Pride 2000               

Anthony is looking for the goal line and he sees it!

Anthony (8) blows by last defender for the 65 yard kick return - 6-0 Rams

Lee is on a mission tonight... Get in the end zone!

Leroy III (1) breaks outside on the containment blocks by Robert (32) and Arrin (12) to add the PAT - 8-0 Rams


I want to fly like an eagle... but I'm a flyin Ram...

Leroy III (1) caps his 9 yard run with a short flight


Freddy's comin' round the corner when he comes...

Freddy (33) turns the left corner for a 15 yard romp


Truckin' Trujillo pounds the midsection

Robert (32) takes the blast for 6 long yards the hard way


Tony is feelin' the corners tonight...

Anthony (8) continues his reign of terror exploding up the left sideline for his 2nd TD - 14-0 Rams


I can do this man!!! Thanks guys for the blocks!

Leroy (1) takes the QB keeper into the goal line behind Anthony (8) and Francis (20) for the PAT - 16-0 Rams

Rudy found the lost egg and gets congratulated by the defense

Rudy (44) gets in the backfield quick enough to recover the fumbled ball

Freddy must be the energizer bunny

Freddy (33) breaks four tackles and game for a tough 5 yards

Lee launches the rock for 6

Leroy (1) rolls out right and throws the ball off balance, but it is long enough to reach...

Home Alone 2000 - The

a wide open Arrin (12) for 6 points. 22-0 Rams

Last man to the QB is a rotten egg...

Robert (32) leads the hit squad on a quick mission to sack a quarterback...

No one escapes Arrin on a mission...

Arrin (12) records another spectacular sack deep in the backfield

Don't throw that pass in here...

Robert (32) breaks up a pass over the middle while a score of Rams try to grab the loose ball - good swarming defense.

Coach, I want a TD! How you want it? I don't know - steamroller!

Freddie (33) goes on a 47 yard tear for the end zone - Since they caught him on the 3 yard line...

Collision in 2 seconds - fasten your belts

Freddie (33) completes his TD mission behind a great seal block by Leroy (1). 28-0 Rams

Where you at Smitty? I can't see you. Gotta go. Josh! Help me with the force!

Leroy (1) rolls out left, cannot see the Tight End, so he dives into the goal line for the 8 yard PAT - 30-0 Rams

Just because I am carrying the ball doesn't mean I have to get hit

Fausto (35) takes the interception back to midfield, and delivers a hit at the end

When can I sign up for WWF?

Ruben (6) drops a running back like a WWF takedown as a pile of Rams watch closely.

I'm sorry Coach!

Ruben (6) gets the refresher course on sportsmanship. Stay cool men It's hot out there!

I'm starting to like this TD thing...

Anthony (8) runs down the left sideline on his way to his third TD of the night. 36-0 Rams

I want to get in the end zone too!

DeAndre (4) takes the direct route into the end zone for the 2 point PAT. 38-0 Rams

We can do these now!

Victory Jumping Jacks signal the end of the game. Good job Rams! Ram Pride!

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