Ram Pride 2000               

Arrin's Devastating Block

Leroy III (1) runs past the smackdown Arrin (12) put down...

Lee cuts it upfield!

With an enemy waiting outside, Leroy III takes it straight up field...


4 against 1... 106 pounds versus 600 pounds...

Running out of room, Leroy III (1) accelerates into the waiting Seahawk trap for a few tough yards


Freddy is Ready...

Freddy (33) goes North with the ball for some hard yards.


Here comes Freddy!!!

Freddie (33) takes on the huge linebacker one on one...


Did anybody get the license of the truck that hit this guy? 33

Freddy (33) lifts the linebacker right off his feet


Arrin doing what he does best with style

Arrin (12) Flies high for a big pass play

Lee shows this bird the turf

Leroy III (1) makes another classic pass block taking the defender off his feet

Ruben gets into the act big time...

Ruben (6) puts incredible pressure on the QB to flush him out the pocket...

Arrin makes him give it up!

Arrin (12) completes the high pressure sack with a fumble causing stick

Freddie takes on the Big Back

Freddy (33) gives the runner all he can handle and them some - Freddy was dizzy after the violent collision

Go Trujillo - Block that kick!

Robert (32) registers the first blocked kick of the season

Arrin receives a perfect pass

Adonay (7) delivers a perfect pass to Arrin (12)

Run, Tony, Run!

Anthony (8) on his way to a long run

Fausto making those pass completions!

Fausto (35) completes another short pass to Arrin (12)

Here comes a Ram Stampede

A host of Rams charge the QB...

Get on that fumble!

and Arrin (12) causes his second fumble on the pressure play

Keep running Tony!

Anthony (8) is slowly beginning to turn the corner...

Tony runs right...

Anthony (8) is learning how to turn the corner to the right as well

Go Freddy Go!!!

Freddy (33) finds some running room close to the goaline...

Stay low Tony!

Anthony (8) gets into the secondary again and takes on all four defenders

Natural running ability in action

Anthony (8) breaks another long run and cuts behind Smitty's (34) block.

Nice rollout Fausto!

Fausto (35) rolls out right and finds Arrin (12) to get to the 2 yardline.

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