Fresno Article from CWA News, May 2000


Article on the Success of KFTV's struggle for their first Contract

Everyone needs to be reminded of the sacrifices made to acheive what we have today. We must sacrifice today so that those ahead of us will have an equally rewarding future. It is obvious that what you have is valuable. Otherwise no one would work so dilligently to take it from you. Your current issue of CWA News is full of great reports on people just like us fighting for their first contracts. We now must show them how to fight to keep that contract alive. The more active we are, the better the results.



This page is intended for the use of the NABET-CWA Local 53 membership. Any unauthorized viewers of this page just have to swallow the bad medicine. You shouldn't have been here in the first place. Tell Hank hello! We don't want to chase him. We just want a fair contract instead of the crap we have been offered. No contract, no peace. (No justice, no peace. Same principle)