Cinco de Mayo 2000 at KMEX


NABET-CWA Local 53 Members

NABET-CWA Local 53/KMEX Members celebrate the new Univision Building groundbreaking as a special stand-in for guests including L.A. Mayor Riordan, and Univision COO a.k.a. "Super Latino" Henry Cisneros.


Unofficial Groundbreaking

Unofficial Groundbreaking by Andy


Negotiating Committee Member Andres C. Leal does the honor of breaking ground on Cinco de Mayo without the Golden Shovel - We couldn't find it...


The Truth of the Matter

Ignacio Ruiz Moreno Protests KMEX trying to Step on the Workers


Despite the refreshing release of anger and disappointment over the tragic collapse of our workplace environment and poor outlook for negotiations, Ignacio Ruiz demonstrates the will of the membership to fight attempts to bust the union. Don't mistake his brown color for ignorance or passive behavior. Mess with the brown, you must go down. Moreno is his name...


The depth of determination this membership has for the cause is beyond management comprehension. This course wasn't taught in Labor Relations 101. When you threaten someone's economic lifeline, expect a fight for life.

Can Henry save us? Or is he really just a figurehead for the Anglos? Cover of Hispanic Magazine, April 1997

As for "Super Latino", come save your people... If he doesn't come save us, we'll go looking for him... The company has lots of Anglos to do our work, so we may have lots of time on our hands to kick it with ya...

The NABET-CWA Negotiations Committee thanks all of you for your "free time" to celebrate Cinco de Mayo 2000.


This page is intended for the use of the NABET-CWA Local 53 membership. Any unauthorized viewers of this page just have to swallow the bad medicine. You shouldn't have been here in the first place. Tell Hank hello! We don't want to chase him. We just want a fair contract instead of the crap we have been offered. No contract, no peace. (No justice, no peace. Same principle)